Pool Pump Installation Services in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ

Outdoor pools make wonderful luxuries for homes. But as beautiful as a pool may look, it's far more complicated than just a water reservoir with a pleasant finishing. Hidden away from sight in the pump room are the special plumbing and appliances that allow the pool to actually work. The most important component in the pump room is, no surprise, the pool pump. The job of this pump is to draw water from the suction ports, such as the skimmer and the main drain, and then push it through the pool filter and the pool heater. This is how water circulates through the pool. The standard pool uses an electrical motor to spin an impeller that moves the water.

If you have a pool that requires a new pool pump installation, don't try to tackle the work yourself! A large mechanical device like this must have an experienced technician take care of the job of installing it. Pezz Electrical Services, LLC is the company to call in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township, Bridgewater Township, NJ and the surrounding areas when you need pool pump service. We have a long history working with everything electrical, and we offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the work we've done, we'll fully refund your money with no questions asked.

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Finding and Installing the Right Pool Pump

Not all pool pumps are the same, so you can't simply purchase any pump to replace an old one or as part of a new pool. Pool pumps come with a range of motors with different horsepower and flow rates. The right type of pool pump to match your pool will depend on factors such as the water volume.

And you can't simply select the pump with the highest horsepower, since an overpowered pool pump creates problems: aside from costing more to run, it can cause damage to both the filter and the pool heater. There's even the chance of the pipes and fittings being blown apart. The best way to choose a pump is to let the professionals handle the task. They'll match the flow rate and horsepower to your needs, and also see that the new pump has the correct voltage for your power supply.

Once the experts have selected the right pool pump, they'll handle the job of integrating it into the pool system. There are major risks if you attempt to do this yourself, such as a leaky seals or motors that start to rapidly cycle on and off because of overheating. Just sit back and let the experts have the job done quickly and correctly.

If your pool doesn't currently have a heating system, we strongly recommend you have one installed. This will help you get the most enjoyment from your pool around the year. Our professionals offer complete services to install, repair, and maintain pool heaters.

Pezz Electrical Services LLC also provides electrical services for outdoor lighting-and that includes pool lighting! This is a special type of electrical job that you won't find with every contractor, but our team has the experience to see that the work gets done right. Contact us today to find out all that we can do to improve your pool in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville & Hillsborough Township, NJ and the surrounding areas.