Oven and Stove Installation Services in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ

Pezz Electrical Services, LLC Process for Installing Stoves and Ovens

Pezz Electrical Services, LLC has a proven process for safely and efficiently installing electric stoves and ovens in your kitchen. It is this attention to detail that has won us hundreds of satisfied customers over the years.

Compliance with Local Codes

Pezz Electrical Services can check all of the local electrical code requirements to ensure that your project is within code regulations and that there is the necessary power supply and individual ground circuit required for safe installation.

Power Disconnection

The next step our technician takes is to ensure that the power supply has been isolated during the installation process to prevent injury.

Proper Placement and Wire Connection

We remove the necessary insulation from the four wires in the back of the oven to prepare them for proper connection. Our expertise in safely connecting each of the four oven wires eliminates the threat of any improper connections that can ultimately cause your oven to short circuit or create a fire causing serious damage to your property.

Once the wires are safely connected, we move on to the next step: properly placing your stove. Whether your unit is freestanding or connected to the wall, our electricians know how to position your stove unit in a way that avoids any strain on the connecting cables or wires.

Gas Hookups

If you have a gas line to your home and would like to install a gas-powered oven or stove, we can handle that for you. Establishing gas hookups is required in most cases of oven and stove installation. We're licensed to work on gas lines, so even if your kitchen doesn't already have access to gas, we can safely handle that with our gas line installation services.

The Pezz Electrical Services process for installing your new stove or oven provides you with the peace of mind that your unit will be within code, properly positioned and safety connected to perform without problems.

Don't go the DIY route when your safety is at stake! Many times, the actual insertion/fit of an appliance into cabinets might require a carpenter or general contractor. And, of course, working with gas lines or electricity requires training in order to do it safely and avoid fire hazards. Let Pezz Electrical Services install and connect your oven or stove so it works safely and efficiently.

Ovens and stoves are basic parts of any home kitchen. You either have these appliances in your kitchen already, or you're moving into a new home and have yet to have them installed. Oven ranges are large appliances that must be correctly hooked up to a home's power supply (gas or electric), and that means it's recommend that you call for professionals to take on new installation or replacement work.

For a company to handle an oven and stove installation in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville & Hillsborough Township, NJ or throughout Central New Jersey, you only need to contact Pezz Electrical Services LLC. We handle all things electrical, and we also work with gas-powered appliances. No matter if you want to replace an old range with a new one, or you're looking to outfit a new kitchen with all the appliances it requires, you can put your trust in us to take care of the job. We've been generating comfort and safety since 1990!

Any work up to $300

Any work over $300

The Benefits of Different Types of Oven and Stove Installations

Our team installs electrical and natural gas-powered ovens and stoves. If you already have a gas line to your home, we recommend that you have a gas oven and stove put in. (We offer gas line installation services that can help supply the kitchen with gas if it doesn't have access to it already.) Gas ovens and stoves heat up quickly, making them much easier for cooking with precision. This is the reason that professional chefs will only use gas ranges and ovens. They aren't expensive to run, either, and cost much less over time than using electrical resistance heating.

However, there are advantages to choosing an electric oven and stove instead. Electric stoves are easier to clean, with few parts to move out of the way. Both electric stoves and ovens ignite easily, since all you have to do is turn a knob. If you're concerned about safety and possible natural gas hazards, these electric appliances are a good alternative.

First things first: if you are planning to have a gas stove and oven put into your home, you must never allow anyone to handle the job who isn't licensed to work on gas lines. In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to perform non-licensed work on any appliance that connects to a gas line. This is a major safety issue, so call one of our technicians to perform the job. We'll make sure your oven and gas work the way they should, and work without creating any health hazards.

It's also best not to go DIY or hire amateurs for an electric stove and oven. These large projects can take up too much time and leave behind a large mess. You won't have these problems when you hire Pezz Electrical Services LLC. We take pride in the skill and courtesy of our technicians, and we promise they won't leave a mess behind them when they're finished with the installation-or you won't have to pay for the service!

Contact us today to arrange for not only oven and stove installation, but also any other major appliance you may need for your kitchen. That includes dishwashing machines, refrigerators, and garbage disposals. We're the appliance specialists you can depend on in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville & Hillsborough Township, NJ and the surrounding areas.