Commercial Lighting Services in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ

Commercial Lighting Services in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ

Our company started in business in 1990 as an electrical service contractor. Over more than 20 years, we've grown as a business to provide many other services, but electrical work is our original area of expertise, and we've continued to grow in skill when it comes to handling all types of electrical work.

One of the most important of our electrical services is commercial lighting. If you own a business in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville , Hillsborough Township, Bridgewater Township, NJ or elsewhere in Central New Jersey, and you are looking for quality technicians to install, repair, replace, or maintain your lighting system, just call us. No matter the size of the job, you can expect the highest quality work from us and complete satisfaction. If you aren't completely satisfied with the job we do for your commercial lighting, we'll refund the cost of the work with no questions asked.

Any work up to $300

Any work over $300

The Importance of Quality Commercial Lighting

It seems strange to have to mention that lighting is an important part of running a company. But people often do not realize how important quality lighting is. A poor job can mean a space that's hard to work in and unpleasant for customers, clients, tenants, etc. It also means energy waste: lighting accounts for more than 40% of a building's energy costs.

Relying on experienced commercial lighting experts will give you the reassurance that you have a workspace that's well-lit without being glaring. Commercial lighting professionals will also help you save money by using energy-saving, long-lasting LED bulbs, which cut down significantly on both energy and replacement costs. You can depend on our specialists to see that you have the best new lighting design or retro-fit to benefit your company.

Commercial Lighting Repair and Replacement Services

There are few things that are more annoying in a commercial space than a ceiling light that is incessantly flickering on and off. This is just one of the many types of lighting issues you may run into at your business, and one of the many that we can repair. When parts of your lighting system fail, or you notice electrical costs starting to rise, you can contact us to look into the problem and have it fixed. Just leave all the repair and replacement work to us.

Do you want track lighting, recessed lighting, or some other type of lighting design for your commercial space? You can leave the work to us! We also work with security lighting and other electrical solutions. Speak to one of our commercial electricians to find out more about what we can do for your company.

Pezz Electrical Services, LLC, we are committed to providing our commercial customers with the finest products available, installed with skill and care so they will last for many years. You only need to tell us what you're looking for in your lighting work-fast repairs, better energy savings, a more pleasing work environment-and our licensed electricians will see that you receive it. For commercial lighting and any other electrical needs in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville & Hillsborough Township, NJ and the surrounding areas, make us your first choice.