Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ

You want your home to be a safe sanctuary for your family. Part of making your house as safe as possible is making certain that you have detectors that will alert you to dangers from smoke and the buildup of carbon monoxide. The right set of CO and smoke detectors will give you peace of mind about your family's environment.

Pezz Electrical Services, LLC is a top electrical contractor serving Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township, Bridgewater Township, NJ and the rest of Central New Jersey. We started in business in 1990 and have remained on top of the latest developments in technology ever since. All it takes is one call to our staff to arrange for carbon monoxide and/or smoke detector installation and other services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you are unhappy with our services, we'll refund your money with no questions asked.

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The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas that is a common byproduct of the combustion of natural gas and other fuels. CO is lethal. In small doses, it will create headaches, nausea, chest pains, dizziness, and symptoms that resemble the flu. In larger doses it is fatal. Although some producers of natural gas place a taint in the gas to make it easier to sniff out, CO is still difficult to detect until it starts to have harmful effects.

This is why carbon monoxide detection is essential for any home that uses natural gas to power appliances such as a stove or a furnace. It's one of the key safety precautions for these households. As soon as the CO level rises toward the point of becoming a health hazard, the detectors will sound an alarm and give you and your family time to leave the house and call for help.

You Need Smoke Detector Installation As Well

House fires are one of the biggest dangers facing homes, and that makes smoke detectors necessary for every residence. Smoke detectors work through a number of different methods, and it's best for you to allow our professionals to choose which ones fit your home's needs. We'll also determine the ideal place to put the units so you have maximum coverage in case a fire starts.

If your house already has smoke detectors installed, they may be old and ineffective. We're glad to offer you smoke detector replacement services so that you have up-to-date protection from the dangers of household fires.

Although you can purchase both CO and smoke detectors from stores, we strongly recommend that you contact our team of electricians at Pezz Electrical Services LLC and arrange for us to handle installing or replacing your set of detectors. The reason you want licensed electricians on this job is because we can hardwire the finest units right into your home's electrical system, giving you the best possible warning. (Don't worry about power outages: all our units have backup batteries.)

We've generated comfort and safety for homes in Montgomery, Princeton & Hillsborough Township, NJ and the surrounding areas for more than two decades. Make us Choice #1 for your smoke and carbon monoxide detection needs.