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The electro-mechanical air conditioning system has been around for a little more than a hundred years. The arrival of the AC didn't completely eliminate the old way that houses stayed cool, however: ceiling fans remain popular today, and if used right they are an excellent addition to your home comfort system. Ceiling fans provide a way to stay cool without running the air conditioner almost continually through the summer. The fans help during cold weather as well, moving warm air rapidly around a space.

You don't want to try to install a ceiling fan yourself. This is a complicated wiring job, and a loose ceiling fan can turn into a disaster. For superb ceiling fan installation services, as well as repairs when you need them, rely on the people at Pezz Electrical Services, LLC. We have a long history of providing electrical and comfort solutions to the Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ areas.

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The Advantages of Ceiling Fan Installation

You've experienced the feeling of a fan working during a hot day. They make you feel cooler-but how? It's not because the fan is changing the temperature in the room. What the fan does is blow away the heat envelope around your body, allowing more heat to escape through your skin. The air doesn't become cooler, but you will feel cooler.

Ceiling fans are extremely effective at doing this job. As their blades spin, they push air downward to create a cooling breeze through a space. This provides extra summer comfort and a reduction in how much you spend on electrical bills to run the air conditioner, since the fans drain less energy than an AC's compressor. (Just make sure to turn off the fans in rooms that are empty. They don't provide benefits when no one is around.)

Ceiling Fans Offer Winter Comfort As Well

You may not have realized this, but ceiling fans are helpful in the winter as well. If you look at the base of a ceiling fan, you'll notice a toggle switch. This switch reverses the direction the blades spin. Normally during the summer the blades spin counterclockwise (when looked at from below). When you reverse them with the switch so they rotate clockwise, they function differently. Instead of pushing air down to create a breeze, they draw air upward and cause it to push the air at the ceiling down the sides of the room. This is beneficial in winter because it moves the hot air trapped at the ceiling and distributes it around the rest of the space. You'll receive warmth much faster thanks to ceiling fans.

We Provide Ceiling Fan Repair and Other Services

We're glad to install excellent ceiling fans for your home. But our services to you don't have to stop there. When you have a malfunctioning ceiling fan, such as one that won't turn on, or perhaps wobbles too much as it operates, just pick up the phone and call our technicians. They'll take care of the repair (or in some cases, the replacement). We back up our services with the guarantee that if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money fully with no questions asked.

Whether it's service for new ceiling fans or older ones, rely on Pezz Electrical Services LLC in Montgomery, Princeton & Hillsborough Township, NJ and the surrounding areas. Generating safety and comfort since 1990!

Why You Need Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

If you're looking for a more cost-effective way of cooling down your home, it might be a good idea for you to consider ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are ideal because they help you to cool down just about any room they are placed in without taking up an outlet or causing you to run an air conditioning unit for hours at a time. This is why a lot of homeowners are making the switch and are thrilled with their ceiling fans.

Why Choose a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are installed into just about any room that you want one in and can be used at virtually any time. They cool down the room quite well and a lot of them have a special feature where you can turn the blades around so that it helps to push heat down into the room during the colder winter months.

How Much Can You Save on Utilities By Installing a Ceiling Fan?

You can save a ton of money on your utility bill by having a ceiling fan installed because you'll find that you are running your air conditioning unit a lot less while making your home more comfortable -- so it can be a great choice for your budget. This is important for those who often have expensive bills due to the fact that they are constantly running their AC units to get their home cooled down.

Best Rooms for Ceiling Fans

You can put a ceiling fan into virtually any room that you would like. Most often, homeowners have them installed in the bedrooms and living room areas of the house. This ensures that you're able to stay cool and comfortable without cranking up the air conditioning unit.

Because ceiling fans have different speeds and you can even reverse the direction so that it helps keep your home warmer in the winter, you will enjoy the versatility of having a ceiling fan. With many different styles and colors available, your new ceiling fan or fans can also match your home and room decor, helping your home to look its very best while keeping it a whole lot more comfortable.

In order to have the ceiling fans installed, you are going to want to contact a local professional who is going to be able to help with this project. To make sure the job is done well and safely, hire a local professional so that they will be able to come out to your home and perform the ceiling fan installation for you.

Your brand new ceiling fans will not only provide more comfort for you and your loved ones, but they are also going to increase the value of your home as well if you ever make the decision that you would like to sell.

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