Boiler Systems and Services in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ

Boiler Systems and Services in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township and Bridgewater Township, NJ

The most common way to deliver heat throughout a household is using a forced-air system, such as a furnace or heat pump. However, a boiler is a solid alternative option that provides some excellent advantages. A boiler doesn't send air through ducts and vents, but instead heats water and pipes it to terminal points such as radiators and baseboard heaters. The heat from these objects radiates into the living spaces, providing an even spread of warmth to help on even the coldest of days.

If you're considering installing a boiler for your home, or you wish to replace an older boiler, contact Pezz Electrical Services, LLC and let us take care of the job. We work with many types of high efficient heating systems, and along with boiler installation, we're also skilled with boiler repair and maintenance. We back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us for service in Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Hillsborough Township, Bridgewater Township, NJ and throughout Central New Jersey.

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The Advantages of Installing a Boiler System

You're in the middle of debate about what type of heating system to install for your house. What factors might tip your decision toward a boiler? Below are a few:


  • Excellent energy efficiency: Water is a more effective heat transference medium than air, so a boiler uses less energy to provide comfort than standard furnaces.
  • Even heat distribution: Forced-air heaters blow out warm air that gathers near the top of a room. The heat that radiates from a boiler heats a room evenly, leaving few cold spots. It also heats the room faster.
  • Improved air quality: The standard HVAC system uses ductwork to circulate air, and ductwork gathers dust and other debris. Each time the blower fan comes on, these pollutants will get blown out into the living spaces, lowering the air quality. A boiler doesn't have any ducts, which helps keep air quality at a high level.
  • Longevity: Boilers are among the most long-lasting of home heating systems, outlasting furnaces and heat pumps on average. This is because boilers contain few moving parts, so they won't wear down fast or require numerous repairs.


Boiler Repairs and Boiler Maintenance

A boiler may need fewer repairs than other heating systems, but it's hard to avoid all malfunctions. When your boiler starts to suffer from problems, like leaks, corrosion, or strange noises, contact our technicians. They're available 24/7 to answer your call and come to your assistance.

We recommend that you sign up for our HVAC Maintenance Agreement to provide regular inspections and tune-ups for your boiler. There's no better way to ensure that a boiler enjoys a long service life and continues to deliver energy-saving heating to your household each winter.

Pezz Electrical Services LLC is a company built on quality work and trust, and that's why we offer satisfaction guarantees to our customers. If your new boiler malfunctions under normal use within a year of installation, call us and we'll take care of the necessary repair work-at no charge. No matter when you need work done for your home's boiler, you can always count on our team to be courteous, professional, and get the job done right the first time! We've been generating comfort and safety in Montgomery, Princeton & Hillsborough Township, NJ and the surrounding areas since 1990.