About Us

About Us

Pezz Electrical Services, LLC started when our founder Vincent Pezza was only 15 years old. That was when he began working with his father in the electrical field. This put him on the path to becoming a polished, licensed, and accomplished professional contractor. He founded the company in 1990 as its sole employee, but his skill soon attracted other expert technicians.

Today, we're a thriving business that occupies our own building, which includes an 1800 square-foot office suite and an 1800 square-foot warehouse. When we started, we offered the installation of generators and service for all things electrical. In the recent half decade we've expanded our specialties to include HVAC services. Our staff of technicians and specialists take immense pride in their work and the accomplishments of the company.

Any work up to $300

Any work over $300

Our Service Philosophy

We run our business according to our founder Vinnie's philosophy, which is to treat our employees the way we would want to be treated: with fairness and honesty. Sticking with this philosophy, as well as committing to customer satisfaction, is the reason that Pezz Electrical Services LLC is the success it is today. In everything we do, we strive for the highest levels in quality. You'll find this quality in our services, our products, and our history of satisfied customers. Our office is staffed around the clock, so you can call any time of the day or night when you have an emergency and one of our technicians will get right back to you.

Guarantees and Customer Satisfaction Are How We Do Business

Something that's vital to us is knowing that we have many of the best people in the electrical and HVAC industry working for us. We have the confidence in our team that allows us to offer customers fantastic guarantees on our work. For starters, we'll offer you a full refund on any service we do-with no questions asked-if you're unhappy with the job. This applies to the conduct of our technicians when they're in your house: if our workers smoke, swear, don't wear protective shoe covers, aren't drug-free, or don't clean up after finishing the job, then you don't have to pay for the service. We also provide guarantees on installations: we'll do repairs for free if your installation fails within a year under normal use.

Another way we help keep our customers happy is through our maintenance plans. With our generator maintenance plan, you'll have the confidence that your whole-house generator will turn on whenever it's needed. Our electrical maintenance program offers annual safety inspections and exclusive specials. And our HVAC program delivers two pre-paid visits a year to keep your heater and air conditioner working.

We are one of the only companies in the area that offers all of the following services: installation and service for almost anything electrical; generator service and turnkey installation; and complete HVAC installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance service. We handle large installations from start to finish, and that means beginning with permit processing and ordering all the way through to the inspections. If you're looking to have an installation of large home appliances such as a stove, a water heater, an oven, a washing machine, etc., you can trust us to handle the job and get it done right the first time.